Secure System:




The following payment methods, with the highest security.



PayPal With your PayPal account it will be very easy to complete your purchase on Colaoled

€0.00 Supplement. The expenses of Paypal will be borne by COLAOLED.

cards Credit O RECHARGEABLES : You can pay with your credit or you can use any prepaid card. Your transfer to Colaoled, with the 100 security.

€0.00 Supplement. The bank charges will be borne by COLAOLED.

BANK TRANSFER : When you complete your order and choose the payment method of bank transfer, you will be granted the credentials to make the transfer. Colaoled has corporate account at MPS MONTE DEI PASCHI DI SIENA. The shipment will be entrusted to Bartolini SPA as soon as the funds are on the company Colaoled account usually times are from 1 to 3 days.

€0.00 Supplement. The bank charges will be borne by COLAOLED.

Mark 😛 Otrai choose to pay comfortably on delivery, you will pay in cash or with card directly to the delivery to our COURIERS Bartolini, the most comfortable and carefree way to shop online.

€5.00 Supplement. The cost of marking imposed by BARTOLINI S.P.A.

Any payment by the purchaser may be made only by means of one of the following methods, indicated on the Web page by the supplier, subject to different conditions which must be agreed in writing with COLAOLED.

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